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Sacred Medicine Sanctuary produces its own line of extremely high quality herbal products. These are mainly intended for use by holistic health practitioners and medical doctors using an integrative approach for their patients. We have a fairly extensive product line that includes extracts of single herbs in alcohol, glycerine, and/or apple cider vinegar; blends of herbs in alcohol as well as both honey and molasses elixirs; liniments, poultice powders, and ointments; oils for topical use; therapeutic grade essential oils for diffusing as well as internal use; and teas.

While some of the products are historical or ethnobotanical in origin, Ingrid Naiman is the formulator of many products for immune enhancement, parasite cleansing, toxic metal chelation, and lymphatic stimulation. She is the author of Cancer Salves: A Botanical Approach to Treatment and has reproduced some of the formulas from this textbook.

Due to her passion for darkfield microscopy, many of the Sacred Medicine formulas have been extensively studied in European clinics where the actions of the herbs and responses of the patients were rigorously evaluated.

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Cancer Salves: A Botanical Approach to Treatment
Cancer Salves:
A Botanical Approach to Treatment